Top GoPro Mounts To Elevate Your Kitesurfing Videos

One of the biggest reasons we love kiteboarding so much is because we can get some absolute banger pictures and videos while doing it. Although your first couple sessions are probably nothing you want to share with people on your Instagram, we all get to the point where we want some great shots from our time on the water. Below I have a list of some must have accessories for your GoPro!

SmilePowo 42-in-1 Action Camera Accessories Kit Mount for GoPro

These kits are ridiculously great deals. For less than $30.00 you literally get a case full of all the GoPro accessories the majority of people will ever need. The most handy thing this case has are the 3m adhesive strips you can use to mount to boards or whatever hard flat surface you need. This kit is a must have basic addition to your GoPro setup.

TELESIN 6”Dome Port Camera Lens Transparent Cover for GoPro Hero

If you are lucky enough to have friends who truly care about you, get this GoPro case. This case is very similar to the style cases they use while filming Pipeline surfing competitions. For this case, you need a friend in the water filming you and the possibilities are endless. For an exceptional shot, try riding a foil and capture the above/ below water shot.

Waterproof Camera Float

Literally the simplest, cheapest accessory on this list however the one item that can save your several hundred dollar GoPro if you drop it. Anytime you are near the water you should have some sort of flotation for it.

Pro Standard Grill Mount 2. 0

The is widely considered the best mouth mount for your go pro. Mind, that this does not float, so be sure to attach some type of flotation. Mouth mounts for GoPros give you a surprisingly great 1st person view. You don’t need anyone else.

Kitesurfing Kite Line Mount

We have covered the 1st person and the water level camera angles, now we have the high angle shots. This angle shot, using your kite lines as a mount is a great, easy way to get nice videos.

With the line mount, you are filming yourself but are able to manually hit the record button. So to pair with this mount I recommend the wrist mount GoPro Bluetooth controller like this…

Suptig Waterproof Wireless Remote Control for Gopro Hero

You can hit record button on the beach before launching and run either the battery or memory out, then sort through clipping each individual trick you want ooorrr you can only record what you want with this waterproof, long range WiFi GoPro controller and reduce the time you spend sorting through footage. Efficiency is the bonus here, for less than $50.00 you can have it all.

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