Surfboard and Kiteboard Wall Mounts and Racks

When your board isn’t underneath your feet, what better place for it to be than displayed on your walls. Getting the power tools out and drilling holes in your wall may seem intimidating, so scan through our list of board racks and decide which suits your style and board mounting needs. When you get themContinue reading “Surfboard and Kiteboard Wall Mounts and Racks”

4 Kiteboarding Movies on Amazon

When the winds don’t blow and you need something to hold you over, Nothing does it better than a movie. If you have Amazon Prime and a few dollars then here are some. Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy “Uniting the legends, current champions and future talents of the sport into one cinematic experience. These athletesContinue reading “4 Kiteboarding Movies on Amazon”

Top GoPro Mounts To Elevate Your Kitesurfing Videos

One of the biggest reasons we love kiteboarding so much is because we can get some absolute banger pictures and videos while doing it. Although your first couple sessions are probably nothing you want to share with people on your Instagram, we all get to the point where we want some great shots from ourContinue reading “Top GoPro Mounts To Elevate Your Kitesurfing Videos”

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