Surfboard and Kiteboard Wall Mounts and Racks

When your board isn’t underneath your feet, what better place for it to be than displayed on your walls. Getting the power tools out and drilling holes in your wall may seem intimidating, so scan through our list of board racks and decide which suits your style and board mounting needs. When you get them on the wall, not only will your board collection be out of the way but they will remind all of your guests that you have cool hobbies. Below are some of the best, most practical and stylish board racks available. Get the drywall anchors ready!

Mind and Action Solid Aluminum Surfboard Wall Rack

A simple, Versatile Option
Suitable for every type of wall

This basic wall mount is strong and lightweight, made of superior grade aluminum with a rubber/ foam pad to protect your boards from dings. This low profile, discreet hook should meet all your various board racking needs.

COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack

For a similarly functional yet more traditional classic look, try these wooden/ bamboo wall board racks. These are strong, rubber edged to prevent dings in your board and come in both dark stained wood and bamboo.

Beatnik Trading Hand Carved Mermaid Tail Surfboard Wall Racks

The tale in action

Strong, sturdy and padded but also incredibly stylish. My personal favorite, a hand carved wooden wall mount thats shaped like a mermaids tale. How appropriate?

Beatnik Wooden Hands Surfboard Wall Rack

Hand Carved Hands for “holding your boards”

Made by the same folks who brought us the mermaid tales, These are also hand carved hand shaped board holders. Very authentic and prestigious. These are difficult to acquire though as they have been out of stock for some time now. Patiently waiting for more!

Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel Wall Mount

Black Steel Board Rack

There are several variations of this style of board rack, from steel to wood and bamboo. The one here is the simple steel version for those of you with the heavier long boards or SUP. The bonus here is if you have multiple boards and limited wall space, you can stack them in one spot.

Steve’s Rack Shack Free Standing Vertical Surfboard Storage

For those who really just need a space to stack boards efficiently, for a little over 160$, you can have this stack rack. Suitable for multiple different types of boards from snowboards, longboards, SUP, short boards and kiteboards all in one.

That’s it!

Hope you found the perfect board rack you were looking for nothing keeps your head on the water more than have boards displayed all over your home. If you like this post, check out some of our other posts and pages below…

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