4 Kiteboarding Movies on Amazon

When the winds don’t blow and you need something to hold you over, Nothing does it better than a movie. If you have Amazon Prime and a few dollars then here are some.

Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy

Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy

Uniting the legends, current champions and future talents of the sport into one cinematic experience. These athletes have found the key to the ultimate sense of freedom.

Released: 2021

Run Time: 84 Mins

Directors: Bob van de Gronde, Arthur Neumeier

Starring: Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen

Genres: Sports, Documentary, Adventure, Action

This is top of the list. Beautifully shot in 4k, this movie is on the same level as “planet earth”, or national geographic for its cinematography. It covers multiple kiteboarding and surf destinations around the world, starring Pete Cabrinha and Robby Naish along with many pro riders. Every single shot is absolutely stunning.

Kororo: Kamchatka

Kororo, Kamchatka

Four friend’s kiteboarding journey around the pristine melting waters and volcanoes of Kamchatka, Russia.

Released: 2020

Run Time: 17 mins (short, right?)

Directors: Olivier Sautet

Starring: Mallory de la Villemarque, Paul Serin, Camille Delannoy

Genres: Adventure, Action, Sports

A Short, beautifully shot movie by Manera shows us that kiteboarding is exploring and discovery, in this remote part of Russia.

Send It

Send It (2021)

“In this extreme action-comedy with music by 2 Chainz, kiteboarder Billy Johnson picks up sexy Sky en route to a global competition, where she teaches Billy to fight for his dreams.

Released: 2021

Run Time: 101 mins

Directors: Andrew Stevens

Starring:Kevin Quinn, Claudia Lee, Patrick Fabian

Genres: Action

This a full length movie with a pretty generic plot, terrible script and some very cringey acting. It was difficult to watch but I did manage to finish it so If you are interested in something bad to watch “ironically” in the kiteboarding genre, this is the movie for you. I attached the trailer above to give you a taste.

On another note, why can’t we get a fictional/ nonfictional high quality kiteboarding movie on the same level as “Chapter one” or “Kororo”. The talent is out there to make it happen. “Send It” is a very crummy attempt, lets try again!

Women with a Mission

Women with a Mission (Episode 1)

Women with a Mission is a series of 3 short documentary films. Each film tells a compelling story about a woman with a mission who, under most challenging circumstances, follows her passion and uses sports for change.

“In the documentary film Women with a Mission – Jalou the portrait is sketched of world champion kitesurfing Jalou Langeree who wants to reach for the highest in kitesurfing and who wants to be an inspiration for girls and women to also take part in extreme sports.

Released: 2016

Run Time: 22 mins

Highly recommended documentary/ portrait of the pro Jalou Langeree, set as a episode of a broader series of incredible women.

That’s It!

There are a few others on amazon video that were either too short to put on here, tutorials or pretty old. So take a look, let me know what you think.

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